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Rancho Capistrano History
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Rancho Capistrano History

Rancho Capistrano is located on a parcel of land which came under the jurisdiction of the King of Spain by virtue of the Law of the Indies upon the Spanish occupation of California in 1769.  Ownership passed to the Republic of Mexico in 1822 after Mexico's Declaration of Independence from Spain and the establishment of the sovereignty of the Government of Mexico.  In 1848, following the Mexican War and the signing of the Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo, California became United States Territory.  Title to this and other land comprising the Potrero de la Cinenega was granted by Governor Pio Pico to Juan Forster on April 5, 1845, as one of the three mountain "Potreros of San Juan Capistrano" and patented June 30, 1866 to Juan Forster.  Through a Distribution of Estate, the property was acquired by Daisy Morrell January 21, 1903.  The complete Chain of Title is included within these documents. 

The information contained on these pages are passages, pictures and documents gathered by current residents to accumulate, to perserve and cherish the what today is now known as "The Ranch".

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